Friday, September 27, 2013

My First Post!

So, from what I've read online, blogging is a necessity for today's aspiring author.  I've finished writing my first novel and just self-epublished on Amazon.  Kinda scary.

You can now download Slow Boil using your Kindle or Kindle App.  Slow Boil is young adult, historical fiction.  Here's a description...

Katarina and Liora have been best friends since kindergarten.  Katarina, a Christian, and Liora, a Jew, have always been accustomed to a certain amount of censure- even in a liberal-minded university town like Heidelberg, Germany.  But, the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party changes everything.  Slowly and steadily over the next decade, censure becomes persecution.  Persecution becomes genocide.  As World War II engulfs the European continent, the two friends struggle to figure out a way to resist the growing tide of blind hatred and endure the uninhibited brutality of Nazi society.  Can their friendship survive such cruelty unleashed?  Can they survive?

Slow Boil.  Download your copy today!

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